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We have some pretty amazing product families that will change the way you think about the perimeter and non-perimeter of your spaces. Couple that with our ability to create custom solutions, the lasting value and return on your investment intrinsic in mediatechnologies furniture and I think we have a real winner here. It just works.

freestanding and mobile cabinets
Personal storage solutions that can be freestanding or mobile. There are lots of possibilities.

Rubix freestanding and mobile storage

Rubix freestanding and mobile storage units epitomize what non-perimeter personal storage is all about. This is a clever and attractive line of places to keep all your stuff (and other people’s stuff too). Standard widths include 36”, 38”, 48”, 60” and 72” and can be configured as cupboard, cabinet, wardrobe, credenza…plus useful combinations to make your life a bit easier. Mount marker boards or have doors, sides or backs made with marker board material! Sure, they’re boxes, but we can help you think way outside the box.

Hart eWall
eWall is a freestanding or track mounted learning space spacesaver

eWall special purpose cabinets

eWall special purpose cabinets are effective space savers. They combine several storage options with sliding markerboards. eWall items are available as freestanding units and also as track-mounted units. Use your reclaimed classroom floor space for something cool – like more students!

Montague elements casework
elements® track-mounted casegoods solutions includes base, wall and tall cabinets, plus a lot more.


elements® is a unique, comprehensive track-mounted modular casegoods solution. This system allows you to reconfigure your spaces, re-using rather than replacing casegoods, extending the value and return on your casegoods investment. elements® includes base and upper wall units, tall units, special purpose units like sinks and lockers and a full range of tiles items like marker boards and tack boards. Reconfigure/Repurpose a room. Reconfigure a department. Reconfigure the whole facility.

Want to see elements in action? Play the video!

Jake's Office
transition shelving is the basis for this office space. Cabinets, shelving and sliding marker board are all part of the transition system.


transition is a track-mounted shelving and storage solution system. By comparison, elements is a modular unit-based system, transition is a component driven system. Configure your perimeter storage with starter and adder panels and shelves. Add doors, drawers and sliding markerboards. Add, subtract and reconfigure by adding, removing and changing components. Ultimate flexibility.

A colorful and functional space created with timo components


timo stands for Team and Individual Modular Office. Timo is a system that allows you to integrate work surface into a freestanding or elements-based environment. That can include perimeter countertop solutions and mobile and freestanding pedestal and support solutions.

This backbone of this break area is the standard casegoods installation.

mediatechnologies makes standard casegoods

In fact, we make a lot of casegoods. We can provide standard as well as custom-designed casegoods. Our standard casegoods are well-designed, well-built, modular and reconfigurable. When you compare it to other “millwork” on the market, you will find that it is also a good value. You can’t ask for more than that, can you? In the event that you can…we can probably handle that request as well. Go on. Try us.

Included in this section are our musical instrument storage cabinets. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate storage of several different shapes and sizes of musical instruments. We don’t mean to toot our own horn but, we’re pretty sure we have something that will strike the right chord with you.